7 Nis 2011

Sing For Nature1....

I'm like a infatuated lover                                        divane asik gibi de
strolling on the streets                                              dolanirim yollarda
girl because of you, darling because of you    kiz senin sebebune yar senin sebebune
I've stayed in İstanbul - kaldim istanbullarda

If only your father ask me from my father*            baban beni babamdanda
just once                                                                     bir kerecik istesun
"for God's order                                                          Allahin emri ile
let her to be my daughter-in-law"**                    gelinim olsun desun,

wrap up Karadeniz*** belt around your waist   sar belune belune de karadeniz kusagu
girl would you say                                                   e kiz sen de dermisun
If only I taken ( means: married with) this boy            alsam ha bu usagi

I'm a bird of high mountain                                     yuksek dagin kusiyim de
I'll perch this cypress****                                          selviye konacagim
ask me from my father                                                 iste beni babamdan
if he won't let, I'm gonna run away (with you)           vermezse kaçacagum

my red shawl, green shawl*****                             al salim yesil salim da
let's walk around of the world                                       dünyayi dolasalim
you be rain and I cloud                                             sen yagmur ol ben bulut
and then let's get together in maçka******               maçka'da bulusalim

*boy's father asks permission from girl's father for them to marry.it's a tradition.
**It's what they say when ask a girl from her father in this tradition."for God's order, Prophet's utterance, We ask your daughter to our son" something like that
***A city -where this song come from- in Turkey. and karadeniz belt is a common clothing in Karadeniz.
**** in my opinion when she says this cypress she intends him, i mean he asks "you want to marry with me( in girl would you say.... part)" , she answers I want it too
***** I think it's just for rhyme
******Maçka is a town in Karadeniz( and by the way karadeniz is rainy every month of year i just saying this for maybe it can help)

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