7 Nis 2011

"Ron Mueck"

Ron Mueck is an Australian artist who was born in Melbourne in 1958 and is now living in London. He was first a doll maker for TV shows and puerile serials. Then he moved to London and started his new corporation. He was doing professional photographing there in the field of advertisement. Then he came to a conclusion that " photo will destroy the presence of the object to a great extent . " so he started sculpture. In the first of the 90's when he was still on advertisement, he was asked to make a statue with a very natural figure. After testing many ways for reaching a material that can help for this goal, Ron used latex which was a popular material for these kinds of uses. But he was searching foe a raw material harder than that which can be used with more details. He studied about fiberglass resin and he is using this material in his works up to now.

The most dominant factor in Mueck's works is their size. It seems that he is trying to emphasize more on the loneliness and discreteness of them from their surrounding and even from us who are one part of it. Some sad and lost ogres who are being pointed at by some tiny and amazed people.

And what a beautiful way of illustrating the loneliness and perplexity of the modern human being with these naked, vexatious, disheveled and unbound bodies that are being held in close and white rooms.

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John M dedi ki...

Fantastic artist!
I'm going to follow your blog. There is so much to learn.

jsmn dedi ki...

Thank you very much! Your Favorite truly honored to blog :-)

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