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Artist SIT has been part of the Amsterdam creative scene for many years. Doing action painting, graphic design, advertising and more until he got fed up. He went back to square one to find his true essence. Back to head and handcraft.


art blog - SIT - empty kingdom

Amanda Elizabeth Joseph

Amanda Elizabeth Joseph

art blog - Amanda Elizabeth Joseph - empty kingdom

Amanda Elizabeth Joseph is an artist hailing from Fort Wwayne, Indiana, USA. There truly is a kind of disgusting beauty and revolting tenderness to Joseph’s paintings…nasty skin infections and herpes-like sores made of glittered sequins and ruby jewels. Kiss me now.

Joesph’s careful rendering of the imperfections of the skin (pimples, acne, skin blemishes and discoloration, etc.) is what adds that little cherry on top that successfully compliments the odd and colorful skin diseases that adorns the subjects’ skin in her series

Alain GUERRA and Neraldo DE LA PAZ

art blog - GUERRA DE LA PAZ - empty kingdom
Alain GUERRA and Neraldo DE LA PAZ are both originally from Cuba, but now are based in Florida, USA. The art duo known as GUERRA DE LA PAZ have been collaborating together since 1996 making some outstanding installation pieces.

Scott Fife

Scott Fife

This dude has been showing in galleries since I was but a sperm swimming in my dad’s nut sack. Hey, come to think of it, we’re all the lone survivors of a life-or-death race against tens of millions of others.  We should pat ourselves on the back, because we’re all winners. 

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