24 Tem 2012

London, UK artist David Mach

 avid Mach studied at the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art then at the Royal College of Art in London. Following several shows and public installations, Mach was nominated for the Turner Prize in 1988. In 2000 he joined the Royal Academy of Arts as Professor of Sculpture. Mach’s artistic style is based on flowing assemblages of mass-produced found art objects. Typically these include magazines,vicious teddy bears,newspapers, car tires, match sticks and coat hangers.

London, UK artist Nathan Walsh

 Nathan Walsh’s work attempts to present a credible space, which whilst making reference to the visible world, and documentary photography obeys its own distinct logic. From determining a horizon line at the start of the process to spraying a final glaze of colour, he controls the nature of the world he presents to the viewer.

Polish descent

 Born in Canada from Polish descent, James Verbicky lived the majority of his early life in British Columbia. Verbicky’s works are now included in important private, public, celebrity, and museum collections all over the world. James’s pieces stimulate the viewer with both content and texture. The three dimensional surfaces transcend traditional painting and venture into the realm of sculpture, and by utilizing vintage media, advertisements, and obsolete branding materials, Verbicky presents us with the result of decades of attempts to persuade, manipulate, and coerce through subtle and suggestive imagery. His works are at once deeply conceptual and hauntingly beautiful, capturing both forgotten and persisting icons of media and reminding us that we are constantly being influenced.

Christoffer Relander....

 Christoffer Relander is a self-taught graphic designer and photographer from Finland. He started doing photography in 2009 and has since focused mainly on documentary photography, both on assignment and as personal research. His more artistic work includes multiple-exposure photography.

Claire Morgan.......

Claire Morgan was born in Belfast and now lives in London. Since graduating in 2003, Claire has exhibited internationally, with solo exhibitions in the UK and Europe, and museum shows in US and Australia. After showing sculptures at Palais de Tokyo and Fiac in 2009, Claire unveiled her first solo exhibition in France. Life. Blood., at Galerie Karsten Greve, Paris, received national news coverage in France, with private collectors acquiring most of the works on the opening night. Alongside suspended sculptures, this was the first time Claire exhibited the ‘blood drawings’ that have rapidly become her signature. Recent exhibitions of note include Dead Or Alive, (MAD, New York), on&on, (La Casa Encendida, Madrid), Monanism, (MONA, Tasmania), and Bestes, Bestiaux, et Bestioles, where a new large-scale sculpture was commissioned by Château D’Oiron, France. Installations and drawings are in numerous private collections in the UK, Europe and Australia, including MONA, Altana, and Guerlain.
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