8 Nis 2011

As whisper of winter
is heard in
subtle chord
My inner soul
springs forth
with all the gawkish grace

of a newborne colt.
Skittish to be sure
but curious

Twelve obsidian pebbles
when held to the light
reveal teachings.

I am learning to trust
more than fear

I am learning at last
to breath
without hesitation.

It is humbling this acknowledgement
of spirit. A simple miracle
I have survived.

The night i chose oblivian over light,
Nick jumped off the Washington Ave Bridge
and out of his skin forever.

I stopped dancing widdershins,
and came here

My last thread of hope
so finely worn
it snapped.

Of all my secrets
and hidden selves
at the root of fears

Of things did and done,
it was shame
and my own shadow I could not outrun.

To turn one's heart
to the light, to the sun,
is the Tao of Mujitsu.

To be human is to hang
precariously between
recieving and giving

to be wise
is to know I of myself
have done nothing.

2 yorum:

Minusca dedi ki...

With eyes clouded by smoke
the world looks away
does not see what I see
perhaps see beyond my eyes
because of its size
is in this
the detachment from things
makes him stronger
but also more remote..
Great portrait!

jsmn dedi ki...

Thank you. I love to read your writings. really very nice comments. You see a different eye

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