12 Nis 2011

Linnea Strid

Chances are you’ve never seen an artist who can paint like Linnea Strid. Her unbelievable water paintings are so realistic they make you want to reach out and feel the cool drops splash onto your skin. Representing everything from change, routines, life, salvation, death, and rebirth, water takes on different meanings depending on the context.

Artist Bio
Linnea Strid was born in 1983 in a small Swedish village where she lived until she was 16, when her family decided to move to Fuengirola in Southern Spain. She lived there during her teens and it was here that she started up her artistic career with several exhibitions.
In 2004 she moved back to Sweden and attended art schools for four years. Strid now lives in Uppsala, Sweden, and is working as an artist full-time. She knew when she was a small child that some day she would become an artist, since the need to express herself with paint and in other creative ways has always been fundamental to her. Strid likes to paint in a photo realistic style, but always with the strong desire to convey an odd feeling, a forgotten memory, or maybe just something that is typical of her own little world.

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