23 Şub 2011

Renzo verdone

 Painting by Renzo Verdone connects to the tradition of "aesthetic beauty" of classical order, by the artist expressed the conviction that his "know how" not to be untied from the discipline, which has been lost, the techniques of the past and languages that have followed over time.

This is because respect for tradition Verdone through the revitalization not only of the forms obtained from the history of art, but also of the collective that has opened to the modern movement, the infinity of space and light, according to those languages that have accompanied the artists on the road to the

The dramatic violence of his figures told the desperation and anger of a generation. Those eyes lost, tired and empty. And those hands, those awful gnarled hands that were an essential part in his paintings. His painting, digging in the soul reveals that unconsciously we hid: I'infinita thirst for light.
Leo Valeriano

2 yorum:

Leovi dedi ki...

Magnificent and very surreal, very expressive, I like it. Greetings

jsmn dedi ki...

Thank you. really a very talented artist. I admire his imagination

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