17 Şub 2011

Born 1947 Born in Hebei province, ChinaIn Ai Xuan's paintings, two subjects predominate: children and the snowy landscape of Tibet. The image is of tranquility and empty space. The crease in the leather and fur coat, the withered grass in the snow form the details of realism. But the space framed by the outline of the human figure in the distant horizon forms a certain symbol. In Ai Xuan's art, this symbol is achieved by the description of human figures and landscape, colour contrast and curve of outline, and the relationship between them.

Ai Xuan visited Tibet many times and, attracted by the landscape, he painted the people and the land. One winters day Xuan received a sudden shock, a feeling of helplessness and loneliness in the snowy wilderness. From that time on, Tibetan people and landscape took on new meaning in his paintings. He left the traditional realism of his earlier works and approached the world of Buddhism and Zen. Ai Xuan's well-drawn figure outlines fill his work with the charm of Chinese classical art; transparent colours make the painting echo with the rhythm of nature

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