18 Şub 2011

Minjae Lee

In between studying for my art exam (which currently stands between me and freedom) and planning a much needed beach retreat with Kesselle, I've been stepping up my internet browsing. Basking in the glory of other blogs as well as random websites.
That is how I stumbled upon the one and only; Minjae Lee.

The 19 year old South Korean artist uses more traditional medium in his artwork, such as markers, pens, crayons, acrylics, etc. What I love most about his work is the way he captures a sense of an innate darkness even in the most beautiful and innocent of us. The women he depicts seem to cover a range of covergirl poses, vacant stares, delicately parted lips, soft curves and striking angles. However Lee subverts the idealistically beautiful nature of these women with his interesting use of colour and darkness, prints and splashes. So that they seem to portray a tainted beauty, perhaps an inner struggle, but to me they are a prime example of the imperfections of perfection.
Lee's favourite designer is none other than the oh-so-fabbity-fab John Galliano.

Minjae Lee is inspired by Japanese photographer Hiroshi Nonami.

Check out his other work over here: http://renokim.com

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