21 May 2012

Remi Chapeaublanc

Remi ChapeaublancGods and Beasts

An authentic globetrotter, Remi Chapeaublanc has travelled accross Canada, the Netherlands and Burkina Faso. At spring 2010, he visited Nepal for the ‘Tourist’ series.
Gods and Beasts

Stimulated by change, adventure, he is always on the lookout for new discoveries, whether artistic or human. A self-taught photographer, he was supposed to embrace a bioinformatics carreer.Gods and Beasts
If this training has greatly influenced him, but he walked away from this path, and propose now a sensitive work, dominated by a sensual dreamlike poetry.Gods and Beasts
Freelance photographer and cofounder of the Lense.fr community, Remi Chapeaublanc is also photo brand ambassador for Sony Alpha and trainer for Sony France.
Curious and insatiable, he is also an author for Competence Photo.
His work has joined the books of many modeling agencies

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