4 May 2012

ARt in Driftwood

 You might say Heather Jansch is a driftwoodaholic.

 She collects driftwood...

 and sculpts horses out of it.

Q - How do you fix them together?

A - By whatever method works. Each sculpture is different and can sometimes call for innovative means of construction, it is part of the fascination and why my interest in this way of working continues. The larger sculptures have a steel frame coated with fibreglass that gives a roughened surface which both disguises the steel and stops the wood from slipping when it is first held in position for me to see. It is then tied with wire until I am sure it is right before being screwed together with stainless steel screws. The screw heads are then covered with filler and stain.

Q - How long do they take to sculpt?
A - How long is a piece of string?

The hooves are made out of recycled copper and sometimes lead.

Not only does she create realistic horse structures as well as other animals out of the found driftwood, she uses it in other creative ways throughout her property.

Oh my word...


 And then there's the BIG one.

It absolutely floors me when an artist can use mediums such as this and create something you would never have imagined. 

This most certainly wins a Funkiest Junk award in my book!

Heather's portfolio is HERE.

Aren't you floored?!?

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Nadja dedi ki...

Fantastic work!
Totally amazing!

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