9 May 2011

Last night I saw you..........

Last night I saw you
in a dream perhaps.
Dancing slowly,
arms outstretched
and reaching,
brushing stars
and being swayed,

being shaped
Your eyes and heart
radiate with light
not from this world
but shining through the veil.
I wanted to touch you then
to look in your eyes
and say Yes! yes! yes!
But it was a private
sacred moment for you.
A conversation not in language
but transformation,
a prayer and a connection.
And enough for me
to be blessed
in this breathing,
to witness,
the gift that you are.


5 yorum:

Nadja dedi ki...

Absolutely fantastic...
I love them!

jsmn dedi ki...


Ricardo M. dedi ki...


Amanda dedi ki...

incredible image, and gorgeous words to accompany~

Ricardo Pereira dedi ki...

Thanks for the kind comment.

Actually, Photo and Drawing are just 2 of my abilities, and neither them are the main.

I also make websites, but my best is at video, and video production editing. Only that, I still haven't posted anything related to video. I will however, post soon.

You got a nice blog over here. The artists that you expose are very original. I think it is worth to follow, and learn a bit more of the talents out there :)


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