22 Mar 2011

Andy Short

I was Born in Caerphilly, just outside the Capital of Wales in 1965.
I began studying art quite late in life, my first attempt at a painting was in 2003. I loved the old masters, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Titian etc. My art life began with developing the traditional elements of painting that have almost been lost to modern art.

 I believe that there is a place in Contemporary art (painting) for the use of traditional methods, traditional methods does not mean old fashioned paintings, traditional methods give a solid foundation for any style of painting and, I feel, provides a better understanding of the painting practice producing a natural progression in development in any practicing painter. Matisse and Picasso both had a traditional foundation in painting practice which allowed them to progress and develop new ideas that, I believe without it they would not have been able to produce such exciting works later in their career.
My works, at this stage in my own career, are very traditional in style and method, but with a modern world depicted within its subjects and concepts. I can see myself developing my work into something more on the lines of matisse and Picasso becoming freer to explore the realms of none representational realities and more the emotions of the paint and colour!
We shall see! watch this space!
I have a BA(Hons) in Fine Art 2007.
While at university I exhibited works through Galleries up until June 2008 when I had a solo exhibition in the centre of Cardiff.

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