11 Mar 2011

Andrius Kovelinas

       Andrius Kovelinas graduated from high art school in Kishinau, Lithuania in 1978. Over the years Andrius has distinguished himself in art circles across Europe, taking part in several exhibitions in countries such as his native Lithuania, Russia, France and Sweden.

A master of his craft, he moved to Ireland with his family in 2003 and his paintings are on on-going display here at The Green Gallery.

As well as many other subjects Andrius paints women. When it comes to painting women Andrius takes great joy from this subject and will continue to persue painting extraordinary works of beautiful women as long as he will be able to paint.

He believes women are designed amazingly by our Creator.

 Style and techniques as such are not that important to him. When he sets out to begin a painting he is able to vary the technique and style and then go to work
on it. And although he does not strive to fulfill any particular style, He tries to add his own experiences and knowledge. The finished product is left up to the people to judge and measure.

It is good to know that there are people out there who love Andrius work. Deep down he knows, that when a person

buys his work and hangs it up on their wall, receiving constant light, charged with God's energy and love, both Andrius and the viewer have mutual satisfaction between them taking place.

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