22 Ağu 2011


Ayvalık is a seaside town on the northwestern Aegean coast of Turkey. It is a district of the Balıkesir Province.
It was alternatively called (Κυδωνίες - Kidonies) by the town's formerly indigenous Greek population, although the use of the name Ayvalık was widespread for centuries among both the Turks and the Greeks (pronounced as Ayvali by the latter).
Ayvalık is a district in Turkey's Balıkesir Province on the Aegean Sea coast, facing the Greek island of Lesbos. It is situated on a narrow coastal plain surrounded by low hills to the east which are covered with pine and olive trees.

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Adsız dedi ki...

I've been in Ayvalik, many years ago
We rented a room from a very nice family
They had tile business, so we had the world's finest bathroom
I have many fond memories of Ayvalik


bilsot dedi ki...

Nice photos presenting Αϊβαλί!!
There is also a beautiful sea to swim, nice houses and kind people.

Modafobik dedi ki...

Ah Ayvalık ahhh :)

Daniel Casares Román dedi ki...

I like it!

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